Eco-Tourism at Its Best: Sustainable Practices at Kodalbasti Homestay

Kodalbasti Homestay
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In the heart of the Chilapata Forest, Kodalbasti Homestay is a cheap way of staying in Chilapata Forest. This unique homestay amidst the lush greenery of the Dooars region of North Bengal shall gift travelers with an experience in nature with comfort and sustainability.

Kodalbasti Homestay signals the state-of-the-art in eco-tourism. The place is designed with minimal ecological imposition to offer the guests an enriching stay. The place supports traditional modes of building being implemented through the use of locally available building materials, which supports the local economy.


A unique attraction to staying at Kodalbasti Homestay is the possibility of exploring Chilapata Forest. This area has many animals like elephants, leopards, and various bird species. Guided tours and nature walks led by knowledgeable local guides facilitate guests to see the beauty and diversity of the forest and also learn about conservation efforts in the area.

At the heart of operations for Kodalbasti Homestay are sustainable practices. The homestay uses solar energy sources to meet its electricity needs, thereby saving on the use of non-renewable energy sources. Rainwater harvesting systems have kept the efficiency levels in water resource utilization entirely intact. There are necessary provisions for waste management with strict rules for recycling and composting in place.

Guests will be served tasty homemade food prepared from locally grown ingredients. This provides guests with fresh and healthy food and the added satisfaction of benefiting local farmers and reducing the carbon footprint produced by transporting food across long distances.

Kodalbasti Homestay in Chilapata Forest is very affordable for every level of traveler—solos, couples, and families. You will get comfortable accommodations either way. The homestay offers several room options, each designed to provide guests with a cozy and relaxed environment after a day out in the forest.

In short, Kodalbasti Homestay is an inexpensive way to stay in Chilapata Forest and, at the same time, experience home-sustainable habits. In staying here, you contribute to a good cause—the preservation of the flora and unique biodiversity of the beautiful Chilapata Forest. Furthermore, your visit offers encouragement to the local community.

Experience true ecotourism with Kodalbasti Homestay, where your sojourn is sustainable, comfortable, and enriching in many ways.

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